Recycled Materials

We ensure your valuable scrap materials are recycled securely and sustainably

What We Recycle

Our manufacturing process recycles scrap laminated aluminum foil and virgin aluminum foil (clean foil) typically found in the packaging of food and beverage, dairy, building supply, and tobacco industries. Our US-based manufacturing facilities provide packaging manufacturers and brand owners the needed transparency and assurances that their valued scrap materials are being recycled domestically, securely, and sustainably — a claim no other North American company can stand behind.

U.S. Granules operates our own tractor trailers and leverages a network of carriers to optimize transportation efficiency and pricing. Both of our processing plants have railroad services.

Contact us today to have your material valuated; all we need is a representative sample to test in our laboratory.


img What We Recycle
img Scrap Laminated Aluminum Foil

Scrap Laminated Aluminum Foil

We purchase laminated aluminum foil scrap containing a minimum of 18% aluminum. We accept lam foil in roll, baled and slab form.

We process all procured scrap, at our wholly owned and operated facilities, for the sole purpose of reclaiming aluminum for granulation. All traceable identification of the scrap is completely destroyed during processing, thus protecting generators from any unauthorized use of their product. 

Custom audit programs can be implemented to provide Certificates of Destruction and site audits to verify product destruction through recycling.  Contact us for pricing and further details.

Clean Aluminum Foil

We purchase clean, unlaminated foil, typically scrapped in the laminating process. We accept clean foil in roll, baled and slab form.

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